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Curriculum Mapping (9 Files)
Download curriculum mapping template.doc
Download CurriculumMapping2012.ppt
Download enduring_understanding shared by Currituck.pdf
Download EssentialQuestions shared by Currituck.pdf
Download TCS ELA anchor standards backward mapping template.DOCX
Download TCS math best practice and backwards mapping planning template.DOC
Download ubdnutshell.pdf
Download umbrella_document_Big_Ideas.doc
Download WhatisanEssentialQuestionWigginsarticle.docx
Professional Development Survey 2013-2014 (1 Files)
Download Professional Development Survey Link 2013-2014
Teacher Support (2 Files)
Download Tuition Assistance Plan
Download Tuition Assistance Request Form
Testing Calendar 2013-2014 (1 Files)
Download Testing Calendar 2013-2014
The Standards (11 Files)
Download ccssi-introduction.pdf
Download application-for-english-learners.pdf
Download application-to-students-with-disabilities.pdf
Download CCSSI_ELA Standards.pdf
Download Appendix_A.pdf
Download Appendix_B.pdf
Download CCSSI_Mathematics_Appendix_A.pdf
Download Appendix_C.pdf
Download CCSSI_Math Standards.pdf
Download Mathematical Practices_1.ppt
Download Mathematical Practices Poster.doc
Curriculum (10 Files)
Download Free Microsoft Resources
Download Literature Integration and Alignment Grades 3-12.doc
Download TCS PD Plan - Title II Needs Assessment Chart 2011-2012.doc
Download RttT Professional Development Plan for CCSS-ES Transition.doc
Download Overview of Required Professional Develop Chart for teachers.doc
Download Common Core Resources(1).pdf
Download bloom's Digital taxonomy v3_1.01_1.pdf
Download Checklist for inclusion of Mathematical Practices.pdf
Download Features of a Good Task.pdf
Download Question Ring Template.pdf
Security Pages (10 Files)
Download EOC Checklist
Download EOC Disk Transfer
Download EOC Form for Coord. & Principal
Download EOC Form for Admin & Proctor
Download EOC Form for Modified Admin & Proctor
Download EOG Checklist
Download EOG Form for Coord. & Principal
Download EOG Form for Admin & Proctor
Download EOG Form for Modified Admin & Proctor
Download NCX1 Checklist
TESTING CALENDAR 2012-2013 (1 Files)
Download 2012-2013 Testing Calendar
Next Generation of Assessments (4 Files)
Download Next Generation Assessment Update.doc
Download ela.doc
Download math.doc
Download science.doc
Common Core/Essential Standards (20 Files)
Download common_core_resources.pdf
Download K-12 ELA CCR AnchorStandards.doc
Download Six Shifts in ELA.pdf
Download Elementary-School-Exemplar-Feynmans-The-Making-of-a-Scientis.doc
Download Middle-School-Exemplar-Monks-Words-We-Live-By.doc
Download High-School-Exemplar-Lincoln-Gettysburg-Address.doc
Download It`s a Revolution...
Download Comparison - 20th vs. 21st Century Teaching Document
Download Revised Blooms' Chart
Download The Learning Pyramid
Download P21 Framework Definitions
Download 21st Century Teacher Web
Download The New Standard Course of Study
Download notes page
Download Scavenger Hunt
Download CLOZE
Download ELA Shifts Viewing Guide
Download RBT Details.pdf
Download Bloom's Taxonomy Moodle - Documentation chart.doc
Download RBT Matrix.pdf
Testing and Accountability (10 Files)
Download Tyrrell County Schools Testing Plan
Download TCAM (SWD) Verification Chart 3-5
Download TCAM (SWD) Verification Chart 6-12
Download On-Site Monitoring Guide
Download 504 Reg. Ed. Mods.
Download IEP Reg. Ed. Mods.
Download LEP Reg. Ed. Mods
Download Review of Accommodations
Download Review of Accommodations EXTEND 1
Download New Accountability Model