Asbestos Notification Letter

Tyrrell County Schools Header: Interim Superintendent Dr. Travis Twiford, Board of Education Lee Scripture, Chairman Karen Clough, Vice-Chairman Carlos Armstrong  Robin Dunbar Janie Spencer

To:                All Parents and Staff of Tyrrell County Schools

From:           Doug Patrick, LEA Designee

Date:            September 6, 2018

 In Compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), we have performed school building inspections for asbestos-containing building materials and have developed an AHERA Asbestos Management Plan. This facility’s findings and asbestos management plan is on file in the school administrative office, for public review.

The EPA requires us to perform surveillances of the asbestos materials every six (6) months and to conduct re-inspections every three years,

No significant changes in the asbestos materials condition were noted during the (2018) surveillance of this school/facility.

All asbestos materials are in satisfactory condition and we shall continue to manage them in place, as recommended by the accredited management planner.

The results of the surveillance are on file in the management plan in the facility’s administrative office and is available for reviewing during school hours Monday through Friday.

For additional information, please contact our Local Education Agency Designee, Doug Patrick at 252-796-1121 ext. 417 or

TEL: 252-796-1121                     An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer                     FAX: 252-796-1492

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