Integrated Pest Management Notification Letter

Tyrrell County Schools Header: Interim Superintendent Dr. Travis Twiford, Board of Education Lee Scripture, Chairman Karen Clough, Vice-Chairman Carlos Armstrong  Robin Dunbar Janie Spencer

Dear Parent or Guardian:

This notice is being distributed to comply with the North Carolina School Children’s Health Act. Tyrrell County Schools has adopted an Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM) to comply with this law. IPM is a complete, preventive approach to managing pests that minimizes pesticide use in our schools and on school grounds.  IPM is explained further in the Tyrrell County Schools Pest Management Policy, a copy of which is available on the Tyrrell County Schools website or upon request.

The IPM Coordinator will maintain the pesticide label and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of each pesticide product that may be used on school property.  The label and the SDS are available for review upon request by parents, guardians, staff members, or students attending the school. Also, the IPM Coordinator is available to help answer any questions you might have about the school system’s pest management program and pesticide use decisions.  His or Her information will be at the bottom of this notice.

Notification of Pesticide Use:  Tyrrell County Schools may find it necessary to use pesticides to control pests at your school or site. North Carolina state law gives you the right to be notified annually of the Tyrrell County Schools pesticide application schedule, and 72 hours in advance of pesticide applications made outside that schedule, but the latter only if you request notification ahead of time by contacting the IPM Coordinator for the school.

Exemptions:  Certain relatively low-risk pesticides are exempted from these notification requirements including antimicrobial cleansers, disinfectants, self-contained baits, crack and crevice treatments, and any pesticide products classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as belonging to the US EPA’s Toxicity Class IV, “relatively nontoxic.” Your right to be notified extends to all non-exempt pesticide applications at your school or non-school site (office building, garage, workshop, etc.), both indoor and outdoor pesticide applications, and including applications that take place over the summer recess, holidays, weekends, or after school hours.

Emergency Pesticide Use:  In the event that a non-exempt pesticide must be used for a pest control emergency at your school or site and there is not adequate time to notify you more that 72 hours in advance, and you have requested advance notice, you will receive a notice of emergency pesticide application less than 72 hours before, or as soon as possible after the pesticide application.

To request advance notification of non-exempt pesticide applications at your school contact the IPM Coordinator for Tyrrell County Schools, Doug Patrick at 252-796-1121 ext. 417 or

TEL: 252-796-1121                   An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer                     FAX: 252-796-1492

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