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Uniform Policy Regulations - Annual Review

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The annual review of the uniform policy regulations produced no substantive changes. Click here for a printable copy of the uniform policy regulations.


(Administrators have discretion in the implementation of this policy)


A. It is the responsibility of district level administrators to adequately communicate to schools all information concerning the uniform policy, including general guidelines for implementation.

B. District administrators shall also work with schools to facilitate implementation of financial assistance programs.

C. Each school shall communicate the following information to parents and students:

1. Type and color of uniform

2. Compliance measures to be employed;

3. The availability of financial support and the procedures for applying for assistance;

D. The means by which this information is communicated shall Include one or more of the following: student handbooks, school web pages, parent forums, telephone notification, open house, newsletters, and parent advisory meetings, social media, and/or newspaper announcements, school enrollment materials.


A. Bottoms a. Uniform type slacks, shorts, skirts, jumpers or capris in any of the following solid colors: khaki/brown/tan, grey, black, navy blue. b. Must be cotton type blend (i.e., no denim, corduroy, velvet, spandex, knit. Skirts, jumpers, and shorts must be knee length while standing. c. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline. d. * Belts are not required however, any student that violates the requirement of wearing pants at the natural waistline, or whose pants are not appropriately sized as determined by administration will be required to wear a belt. e. Appropriately sized as deemed by a member of administration. f. Elastic waist pants are acceptable. g. Leggings may be worn under another garment that is an appropriate uniform bottom.

B. Tops a. Polo style or collared shirt of any solid color (long or short sleeved) with emblems no larger than a quarter. b. T-shirts may only show at the neckline and may extend beneath the sleeves of a polo shirt but must fit.
c. Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks in any color; does not need to be under a polo shirt. d. Hoodies, both pullover and zip up, may be worn in any color and/or style as long as the emblems and logos are school appropriate as deemed by school administration. A school collared shirt must be worn underneath the hoodie with the collar showing outside of the hoodie. e. All shirts should be tucked in.

C. Outerwear a. Any color is acceptable. b. Hats, “do-rags”, skull caps, bandanas or any kind of head-covering, hair rollers, and sunglasses worn over the eyes shall not be allowed while inside the building during instructional hours. c. Any outerwear such as coats and jackets must remain unzipped while inside the building.

D. Shoes a. No spike heels allowed. b. No flip-flops or slides (those that are worn between the toes) Pre-K through 5th grade. c. Sandals are acceptable (if in doubt ask school administration). d. No wheels, lights or noises.

E. Jewelry a. Jewelry must be appropriate for school attire. b. No large medallion type necklaces. c. No visible jewelry/ornamental piercing of the lip, tongue, nose, cheek or eyebrow during school hours. d. No excessive jewelry or acrylic nails for elementary students. F. The superintendent shall exempt a student from wearing a school uniform when wearing the uniform would impose a substantial burden on the exercise of a sincerely held religious belief.


A. No student shall be denied attendance at school, penalized, or otherwise subjected to compliance measures for failing to wear a uniform by reason of financial hardship.

V. ANNUAL EVALUATION The schools and the district shall review the policy annually and the district shall consider proposed modifications to the uniform policy as appropriate.

Policy # 4316 (f). Updated July, 2017

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