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Curriculum Mapping Training - Understanding by Design Conducted June 13, 2012


     Enduring Understandings Exemplars

Tyrrell County teachers will work in their PLC's to complete the DPI Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Moodle.  The documention chart below will be used to quide reflections and enhance this professional growth experience.  Additional RBT documents are included as resources.

Mathematical Practices Training -  


This power point was designed to familiarize teachers with the eight mathematical practices that are an essential part of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics at all grade levels, and to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of these practices.


8 Mathematical Practices Poster


Checklist for Inclusion of Mathematical Practices


Features of a Good Task


Questions Ring 'Template'



Video Links:

Shift 1 - PK-5 Balancing Information

 Shift 2 - 6-12 Building Knowledge in the Disciplines

 Shift 3 - Staircase to Complexity

 Shift 4 - Text-Based Answers

Shift 5 - Writing from Sources

Shift 6 - Academic Vocabulary 

Powerpoint used during the opening PD days of the 2011-2012 school year -


This resource begins to provide teachers with the opportunity to become more familiar with the New Standard Course of Study - The Common Core and Essential Standards.  It contains an outline of TCS's implementation plan and annual goals.  It begins to take a closer look at the standards with a specific focus on Information and Technology Standards, Literacy Standards, and Science Standards; all of which are being fully implemented in Tyrrell County during the 2011-2012 school year.


 The New Standard Course of Study Powerpoint Presentation


Resources used during this session:


 Notes pages

Powerpoint used during training on February 24, 2011 -

This resource identifies all of the many changes that have happened and that lie ahead.  It provides an overview of TCS's expectations for 21st century teaching and learning.


  It's a Revolution...not just another swing of the pendulum!

Resources used during this session

20th Century vs. 21st Century Teaching

P21 Framework - Definitions

21st Century Teacher Web

 Revised Bloom Template

The Learning Pyramid