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TCS Strategic Plan

Tyrrell County Board of Education

Goals and Strategies

Local Board Goals Strategies

Goal 1:
Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, all schools will perform above the state average and meet expected growth as measured by EVAAS growth data and state assessments.

1. Job Embedded Professional Development
2. Professional Learning Communities Implemented
3. Teacher Evaluation Feedback for Faculty and Staff
4. Lesson Plans/Pacing Guides Monitored
5. District Plans Implemented
TCS Reading and Math Plan 2015-2017.doc
6. Increase Rigor in Courses Through Data Analysis
7. Reinstate Music, Spanish and Visual Arts in Lower Grades
8. Develop Curriculum Focused Lead Positions In Schools

Goal 2:
All students will have daily access to technologically driven instruction as documented by principals and instructional support personnel during walk-throughs and observations.

1. Technology professional development with the Friday Institute
2. 1:1 Chromebook support in grades 3-12
3. Canvas and Google Classroom
4. NVPS and Educere courses
5. Power Student, Schoolnet
6. Educational activities and games developed for educational support and remediation
7. Increase student enrollment/persistence in College Courses
8. Implement Digital Learning Competencies NC DLC

Goal 3:
Communications, processes, and systems will be in place to assure all stakeholders are informed of meetings, policies, expectations, and activities taking place in the school system.

1. Vision/Mission Statements/District Policies
2. Yearly Meeting/School Tour with County Commission
3. Quarterly District PLCS and Data Meetings
4. Align Professional Development to Schools and District Goals
5. Survey Stakeholders
6. Student Handbooks
7. Friday Report, Newspaper, Websites
8. Blackboard Connect
9. CTE Advisory Council/NE Workforce Development Board
10. Board Committees: Finance/Communication
11. Board of Education Meetings/Staff Meetings
12. SIT Meetings

Goal 4:

The system has resources and provides services in all schools that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students.

1. Safe Schools Procedures: Drills, plans, Inspections
2. Transportation system
3. Facility Services, Child Nutrition
4. Data Profile and Learning Management System
5. Health Services, Nurses, Counselors
6. SRO
7. District Budgets, Audit, Timekeeper, Bookkeepers
8. Volunteer Programs
9. Implement Components of Energy Efficiency Study 
10. Capital Outlay Plan Implemented