October 2019

Ed Tech Star of the Month

David Spruill

David Spruill



David Spruill


What do you teach?

Microsoft Academy and Adobe Visual


Where do you teach?



How long have you been teaching?

14 years


How does educational technology play a role in your classroom?

A huge role. Daily use


How do you find technology in the classroom helpful?

Without it I’d have no classes


What is your favorite piece of classroom technology? Why?

Smartboard. Ability to to have a visual for students to follow the daily activities that we do in classroom


What is on your technology wish list for your classroom? Why?

VR Goggles


What do you love most about teaching?

The students


Nominated by:

Bill Ziegler - Principal, Columbia Early College High School "Although by the nature of his position this shouldn't seem like a shock that he is (because he is our tech teacher), but I nominate Mr David Spruill for going above and beyond with integrating technology into his classroom and the school. He is teaching his students programs and software that business and industry uses today- this adds relevance and urgency to his lessons. In addition he maintains high expectations for all the projects his students complete. Walking into his classroom you will see students using Adobe software to create videos, posters, etc. His students regularly earn Microsoft credentials and high NC Workkeys test results. Mr David is teaching students to use technology not only for academics but for future careers!"