Stakeholder Input Needed as State Board Approves Requirements for 2020-21 Remote Instruction Plans

The State Board’s action follows COVID-19 legislation by the General Assembly that mandates every school district in NC to develop a remote instruction plan to ensure quality teaching and learning outside the traditional classroom. The legislation required that the plans address a number of issues, ranging from parent involvement and effective instruction to equitable access and provisions for monitoring student attendance.
The law directs the SBE to consult with “teachers, administrators and instructional support staff, parents, students, community partners, and other stakeholders” in developing the remote learning plans. With this in mind, we need your input. Please read over the plan and provide any feedback that you are able to offer through the "Remote Instruction Plan Stakeholder Input" survey link.
The input from our stakeholders is vital as the district leaders plan for the delivery of remote instruction to our students. Please share any comments or thoughts that you have regarding the TCS Remote Instruction Plan that was distributed. We appreciate your input in this matter as it has assisted us and guided our continued work to offer the best education possible for our students. If you have specific questions about the plan, contact Audrey Curles or Cynthia Debreaux at 252-796-1121.