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Volunteer Registration Form

Consumer Notification & Authorization Consent for Criminal Records Check & elease of Information



Volunteers Only

In connection with my application as a volunteer with the Tyrrell County Schools, I understand that a "consumer report" as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), may be obtained by a consumer-reporting agency, other agency, or directly by the Tyrrell County Board of Education (Board), for the purposes of evaluating my application or assignment as a volunteer. The types of information that may be obtained about me include criminal records checks, public court records checks, and driving records checks. A criminal records check is considered a "consumer report" as defined and governed by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Tyrrell County Schools will not obtain your credit report, which contains your credit history and score. I agree to release all persons and entities providing or receiving such information, including the Tyrrell County Board of Education and its agents, from any liability connected with the release or receipt of requested information. I understand that, to the extent allowed by law, information contained in my application or otherwise disclosed to the Board by me at any time may be utilized for the purpose of obtaining criminal records checks. I further authorize the Board to obtain additional criminal records checks about me at any time during which I am serving or seeking assignment as a volunteer with the Tyrrell County Schools. I agree that this authorization and release will be valid, now or in the future, in original, faxed, copied or electronic form. I have carefully read and understand this notice and authorization form. I acknowledge that I have received a summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. By my signature, I authorize the Tyrrell County Board of Education to procure criminal records checks on me in order to evaluate my application or assignment as a volunteer with the Tyrrell County Schools.
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