Professional Development for Staff

Teachers and staff will be able to request professional development (PD) based on their needs through a Google form that will be monitored by the Technology team. Specific program PD requests will be forwarded to the appropriate program manager for response and scheduling. Staff needs surveys will be deployed at the beginning, middle, end of year to plan for assess interest. Student and staff feedback need to be regularly collected for planning and to assess the impact of remote instruction. A rubric will be developed and used by principals to evaluate the remote instruction and effectiveness of the PD. Pre- and post- assessment for instructional staff on their knowledge and use of remote instruction.

District required PD for remote instruction will be delivered from one of the sources below. The required sessions may be conducted on district PD days. All professional development will be documented in the LINQ system for credit. Teachers and staff will receive email notifications of professional learning opportunities from the district tech team. The district will use the following professional learning opportunities as the primary resources for remote instruction:
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