Preparing Students for Success in our Digital World
Founded in 1999, Learning.com provides educators with solutions to prepare their students with critical digital literacy skills. Our web-based curriculum for grades K-12 engages students as they learn keyboarding, online safety, applied productivity tools, computational thinking, coding, and more!
For our teachers, it is suggested to begin with Tech Quest.  Tech Quest delivers essential technology skills to K-8 students without teachers needing to manage classes. It's something the student can work on independently and progress at their own pace. 
Every student that has a Learning.com account, is automatically assigned Tech Quest. Students just need to log in to their NCEdCloud account, then open the Learning.com app to begin. Upon logging in, students will select an avatar. They will see a pathway of auto-scored, student-led curriculum designed specifically for their grade level. Students click on the first step and move along the path. A visit to the Arcade provides access to keyboarding and coding activities.
All of the essential topics students need to be successful digital learners such as Online Safety and Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding, Word Processing, Internet Usage and Online Communication, Coding, Spreadsheets and Presentations are covered with Learning.com.
Over the last few years, the state board of education and North Carolina Department of Public Instruction set out to determine the best approach for updating its information and technology standards for students. The standards needed to address the personalized, digital age education that K-12 public school students need to be successful in college and careers, and as globally engaged, productive citizens. It was decided to adopt the ISTE Standards. Implementation of the NC Standard Course of Study for Digital Learning Grades K-12 have begun this 2020-2021 school year. The Digital Learning Standards encompass the following:
  • Digital citizenship, data privacy, and cyber safety
  • Digital-aged skills that enable students to be college and career ready
  • Creation, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Inquiry and design thinking learning opportunities

These standards focus on learning to learn, life skills our students are going to use today and throughout their lifetimes, and will make them more employable and successful adults. North Carolina’s Digital Learning Standards are designed to be delivered by classroom teachers in all curricular areas and grade levels providing students the equitable opportunity to learn in a digitally enabled classroom. Learning.com is an easy way for our educators to deliver this content.
Here is the link to webinar recording from TES & CMS training that took place on October 26th: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/2442111393376835329
Below, you can also find an infographic on Tech Quest, suggested grade level Tech Quest Sequences, and the NC Remote Learning Pacing Calendar.