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The NC Schoolnet Training Site has been updated to version 23.0! Each PSU has their own set of training logins for the training site. See this spreadsheet to find your PSU's training site logins. The training site is always available to PSUs.


Additional Links for Schoolnet Training Purposes:

Now Available: Keeping It Simple in Schoolnet 23 Self-Paced Course

The first self-paced Schoolnet course is now available in NCEES, Canvas, and Home Base! Tthis is designed to replace the monthly Schoolnet webinars and can be completed in about an hour. Within 48 hours of course completion, 0.1 CEU of DLC Credit will be applied to your transcript. During this course, you will learn:

  • What is Schoolnet?
  • How do teachers and students access Schoolnet?
  • How do teachers create Schoolnet assessments using readily available questions, including a look at the redesigned Test Details page?
  • How do students take their tests?
  • How do teachers analyze the results of Schoolnet assessments?

Click the link below to register and launch the course via NCEES. If you do not have a NCEES account, the course content can be viewed on YouTube as well; however, you will only receive the 0.1 CEUs if you complete the course via NCEES.

Join the Course on NCEES:

View the YouTube video: