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#GoOpenNC - Self-Paced Courses

Want to learn more about Open Education Resources and #GoOpenNC? We have 5 free, self-paced, one hour mini-courses that will launch July 1st for the 21-22 school year. These courses show you how to use the platform to find supplemental instructional resources, save resources to folders or your LMS, and collaborate with other educators! All courses are recommended for 0.1 CEU in Digital Learning Competency Credit. Register starting July 1st in NCEES using the NCEdCloud.
North Carolina Public School Educators will have full access to #GoOpenNC all summer long. Resources from GoOpenNC can be used to support summer learning or planning ahead for the next school year.

Go WILD with Resources from the North Carolina Zoo

go open nc zoo

The #GoOpenNC team has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to build content collections on #GoOpenNC.


Our first collection of resources from the North Carolina Zoo is now live. Check out this collection of more than 80 science resources aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. 



A series of webinars have been created to assist new educators and refresh returning educators on the "How To's" for Schoolnet, Canvas and #GoOpenNC. These short on demand tutorials are designed to help educators get started with these Home Base instructional products. For more details, click on the following link: bit.ly/homebaseb2school20.


Video 1: What is #GoOpenNC?

Video 2: Contributing to #GoOpenNC

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