edWeb offers a range of professional learning, including a huge archive of more than 1,850 recorded webinars. Many summer webinar topics are directly related to teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, including "How to Mix STEM and Play with Hybrid Learning," "Using Focus Skills to Close COVID-19 Learning Gaps," and "Remote Learning for Early Learners with Autism." A bonus? If you need to earn PD hours, the platform and its programming is currently approved by the credentialing boards in nine states, and local districts that approve edWeb are usually supported by state-level agencies.

Can I use edWeb for PD in North Carolina?
Yes, with approval from your district or LEA.

How can North Carolina educators use edWeb.net?
Online learning activities, such as edWebinars, can be used toward earning the required yearly professional development hours with the approval from your LEA. For more information about PD requirements, including the number of hours needed, visit the North Carolina Department of Education Professional Development home page or call 919-807-3355.