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Wildcat P.R.I.D.E



Be a role model of optimism in action


Display good manners and compassion and expect that in return


Character is what you do when no one is looking

Self Discipline

Use restraint as a tool for self discipline


Set high standards in excellence in both athletics and academics



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     Our Columbia Wildcat Athletic    

        Program Philosophy


The athletic department at Tyrrell County Schools is an important part of our school’s educational program. We want to ensure that each student‐athlete reaches his or her maximum potential. It is our mission to develop the whole student, not just the athlete, in mind, body and spirit. Specifically, the Athletic Department seeks to provide interested students with the opportunity to participate in its program of interscholastic athletics and is committed to the following:


  • To offer a well‐balanced and varied program of interscholastic athletics (based on numbers and the best interest of our student‐athletes)
  • To teach the value of competition


  • To foster the development of athletic skills


  • To encourage the development of a strong work ethic, self‐discipline and self‐sacrifice
  • To teach the value of commitment, teamwork and cooperation


  • To encourage the development of judgment, character, and leadership
  • To teach the value of ethical conduct, sportsmanship, and fair play


  • To encourage the development of loyalty and pride in one’s self, their team, and the school community




The Athletic Department expects the following of each participant in the school athletic program:


  • To be a worthy representative of teammates, coaches, and the school community, abiding by school and community expectations


  • To maintain health and fitness levels by following the training rules prescribed by the Athletic Trainer and Coach
  • To reflect the knowledge that commitment to victory is nothing without commitment to hard work in practice


  • To understand that athletics is just one part in the big picture with the cornerstone being that a Tyrrell County Schools student strives to achieve excellence in all areas
  • To learn to deal with adversity in an honorable way and to capitalize on growth opportunities
  • To express feelings intelligently and appropriately


  • To accept the responsibilities of team membership: support of teammates, cooperation, positive interaction, and mutual respect


  • To help student‐athletes learn how to balance a demanding academic schedule with athletic training and practice schedules