English Language Learner

Welcome and thanks for visiting the EL (English Language) website for Tyrrell County Schools. This page is designed to inform teachers, parents and students about EL services, offer EL resources, and also to contact the EL staff.


English Language Staff

Teacher- Viridiana Arzate- serves all Schools
Phone: 252-796-3881
Email: [email protected]

Interpreter- Seleni Woodley- Serves all Schools
Phone: 252-796-3881
Email: [email protected]


EL Process Q&A

1. What does each new enrollee fill out in Tyrrell County Schools and what is the purpose of them doing so?
Each student at the time of enrollment fills out a Home Language Survey with the purpose of determining the language they use at home. If the language is different than English then the student needs to be tested with the WIDA-APT test.

2. What is the WIDA-APT Test?
The WIDA-APT is the new initial placement test that is given to all new enrollees to determine their level of the language.

3. What is the sole thing that determines LEP status?
The LEP status is determined by the scores on the WIDA APT test.

4. What are the 6 levels of the W-APT test?
The six levels of the WIDA-APT are: Entering, Beginning, Developing, Expanding, Bridging, and Reaching.

5. What 4 areas does the W-APT test?
The WIDA-APT test evaluates the 4 main domains of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

6. What kinds of ESL services are offered in Tyrrell County Schools?
The EL (English Language) services offered are: “pull-out”, where the LEP student is pulled from their regular classroom and “inclusion”, where the student is visited in his/her classroom by the EL teacher.